Equine Wound Care Boots and Horse Wound Dressing

The Science…

Our products incorporate a layer of 100% activated carbon fabric with silver. This fabric has very effective antibacterial properties, as the surface of the carbon has a permanent electrostatic charge which attracts bacteria from a wound or from the horse’s skin into the carbon structure where they are retained and killed by silver. Antibacterial testing carried out by Lincoln University has scientifically proven the fabric to be very effective at capturing and killing bacteria associated with veterinary wounds (Pseudomonas aeroginosa) and other harmful bacteria. Removal of bacteria from a wound promotes a healthy wound environment which can aid wound closure and reduce the risk of granulation tissue.

Activated carbon fabric with silver is commonly used in human wound dressings and as the fabric can be regenerated by washing, our equine boot products are like ‘large re-usable wound dressings’. Our wound care products are excellent killing bacteria that can cause cracked heels. They can be used on a daily basis to promote healthy skin.